LeanergyTM Diagnostic

Why conduct an energy diagnostic with Okavango?

Because as early as the diagnostic we prepare implementation: we concentrate on what is possible, we rank actions, we look for the support of teams.

Because thanks to the analytic tools of Lean Manufacturing used by LeanergyTM we confirm the needs and eventually adjust them; we challenge the driving process, we analyse the procedures and behaviours, in short we identify all the deposits that do not need investment.

An energy diagnostic with Okavango also allows to understand, measure and follow the energy consumptions through measures, exhaustive analyses and identification of adjustment factors. Okavango does not forget to study your purchases and to identify possible savings. Of course, the Okavango diagnostic respects the Ademe specifications BPX 30-120 and includes a thorough technical analysis of your equipments and utilities.

After this diagnostic, the company will get a relevant map of its energy consumption and has Initiatives sheets that allow him to prepare the implementation.