Energy Performance Indicator

How do we follow the energy performances and measure the progress?

Different exogenous factors intervene in the explanation of energy consumption and must be corrected to get a more accurate reading of the gains.

“International Protocol for Measurement and Verification of Performance”: The IPMVP is the protocol validated in February 2009 during the Grenelle of the Environment and recommended by the ADEME to assess objectively the gains of an energy efficiency program. This method which was developed by a quorum of American engineers bases itself on the statistical modelling of the monthly or weekly energy consumptions, according to the main explanatory variables which can be the number of working days, the outside temperature, the volume of production, the mixed product... Okavango helps the company to define this “theoretical“consumption (as it would have been without the energy reduction initiative). It is used as a comparison with the real consumptions observed after to the establishment of the energy efficiency solutions.