Procurement optimization

How do the energy markets work?

What are the opportunities, what are the processes? Which offer can be interesting according to my consumption profile?

While energy markets become more volatile -and this phenomenon will grow in electricity with the end of Tartam and of the regulated market- the management of risks related to energy becomes a crucial element for every organization.

Thanks to its knowledge of markets and prices, and of its internal tools, Okavango has the abilityto optimize your energy contracts and can make its clients save up to 15% of its total cost, while respecting the operational constraints and the risky parameters.

Knowledge of the market

Today the procurement strategies are many in between the regulated market and the open market. Okavango supports its clients to position themselves on the market and give them the best advice. We carry out a market survey, we follow the evolution of prices and we know the typical supplier offers adapted to each profile andwe master the mechanisms of trading.

Analysis of contracts and procurement optimization

There exists many suppliers on the markets and each proposes their own tariffs. Okavango makes sure that its clients benefit of the best prices.

• On the regulated market,we make sure that the prices are adapted to consumption profile.

• On the open market, we verify that our clients benefit of the best prices available, that they pay a supply at the best price. The knowledge of supplyiers prices and of their structure is essential to the analyse of the costs and of their optimization. We study precisely the tariffs parameters of our clients and we help them to optimize their contracts.

Your Portfolio management

With the excessive variations that we know on the energy market, the moment chosen to buy is extremely important. An operation can turn out very expensive if it is done at the wrong moment. Okavango helps its clients to define a supply and buy strategy. We propose market analytic and decision-making tools and we help our clients to capture the best opportunities of the market to buy at the right moment.