FACEEA: training in energy competitiveness

FACEEA program, what is it?

It is a program in partnership with EDF and the ANIA to make energy economies in the food-processing industry. This program is encouraged by the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Okavango-Energy next to EDF Industries, the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA) and the society of training in business Manitude, has launched an important program of Training in Energy Competitiveness of Food-processing Industries (FACEEA). Energy efficiency, and more broadly sustainable development, represent real challenges for the food-processing sector. It is essential for the companies to approach this issue in a global comprehensive manner to preserve their own competitiveness.

The ANIA and EDF enterprises have then developed a support program of the food-processing companies towards energy transition, major axis of the environmental Conference organized by the government last September. Okavango-Energy and Manitude have built the practical training and the efficient and intuitive educational tools.

Complying with the operational needs of the industrials, this program aims at:

  • Sensibilize the heads of 10 000 companies of the sector to energy efficiency.
  • Train and provide practical tools.
  • Allow the heads of the SME’s of the sector to reduce significantly their energy consumption, and develop, thereby, their competitiveness.

Starting from its self-diagnostic, each company will then build their individual plan of actions, with the aim of achieving concrete results and sustainable improvement in the process initiated.

You will find more detailed information about the program on link below and on the FACEEA website here.