LeanergyTM program of optimization of energy costs and CO2 emissions

Context of the mission:

Site of a food-processing manufacturer that wishes to durably decrease their energy and water consumption by unit produced. Over the past 3 years, they have already reduced its electricity consumption by 36%, gas by 26% and water by 40%. He does not want to invest and all its actions should be realized without CAPEX.

Action/Key points:

- Optimization of production scheduling laws to separate the power demand and limit cleaning-up phases.
- Reduction of outstanding balance and time adjustment of energy-consuming operational phases.
- Optimization of compressed air production
- Control of the water treatment plant activity to waste water flows.
- Improvement of individuals’ behaviour with visual management tool, team coaching, and implementation of new management habits.
- Re-negotiation of electricity and gas procurement contracts.


- -18% of electricity and gas consumption per litter produced.
- -15% of the average kWh cost of electricity and -12% of the average kWh cost of gas.
- -25% of water consumption
- -62 185Kg of equivalent CO2 released.