Study and Project Management Assistance

Example 1

Context of the mission: with the obligation of purchase contract coming to an end, a chemical company wishes to exploit directly his CHP (Combined Heat and Power) installation and sell his electricity on the open market.

Actions / key points:

- Elaboration of gas and electricity price evolution scenarios
- Validation of trading and operating model
- Verification of the business plan
- Evaluation and choice of partners

Example 2

Context of the mission: A food-processing manufacturer contacted by many companies who are offering to rent his roofs to install photovoltaic panels wishes to choose the best supplier and optimize the contract.

Actions / key points:

- Verification of technological solutions offered and review of alternative solutions.
- Write up of a detailed charges and a call for tender
- Negotiations of the contract of collaboration with the contractor and supervision of the installation


Guarantee that his engagement in this long term project is carried out in optimal technological and financial conditions (gain of 500k€ on the length of the contract).